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Basic Elements

Includes the following plugins:

  • createBlockquotePlugin() for the blockquote element
  • createCodeBlockPlugin() for the code_block element
  • createHeadingPlugin() for the h1, h2,... elements
  • createParagraphPlugin() for the p element


npm install @udecode/plate-basic-elements
# or
npm install @udecode/plate-block-quote
npm install @udecode/plate-code-block
npm install @udecode/plate-heading
npm install @udecode/plate-paragraph


Live Editor


export type HotkeyPlugin = {
* Hotkeys to listen to trigger a plugin action.
hotkey?: string | string[];
export interface CodeBlockPlugin extends HotkeyPlugin {
syntax?: boolean;
syntaxPopularFirst?: boolean;
deserializers?: string[];
export interface HeadingPlugin extends HotkeyPlugin {}
export interface HeadingsPlugin {
* Heading levels supported from 1 to `levels`
levels?: number;

Source Code#